TRACK: Long Train Running - LIVE

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Formed in 2012, Mr Zenn is five friends from mid-Kent who share a real love for playing music and drinking tea.  Our aims are to have fun and share what we do with as many people as we can.  Our search for groove perfection is unrelenting!


With over 130 years' collective playing experience, Mr Zenn is an uncommonly fine band...


Owner of one of the most astonishing voices in Kent, Emma is Mr Zenn's very own funky diva.  With years of singing experience behind her, she brings the soul to the Mr Zenn sound.  By her own admission she has one guilty pleasure..... country-pop. But we try not to talk about that!


"Pirate" Pete is Mr Zenn's axe-wielding salty seadog.  With his piratey looks and leonine mane, he brings the ROCK to the Mr Zenn sound.  Having swapped his Flying V for a Stratocaster, and his power-chords for funky 9ths, he has become a key part of the Mr Zenn rhythm section, as well as delivering the odd screaming solo.


Our most recent recruit, Paul was the final piece of the Mr Zenn jigsaw puzzle. Keyboard obsessed since childhood, his years of playing are immediately evident and the colour and versatility he brings to the band are the icing on the cake.  His specialism? Funky Rhodes piano.


Self-confessed chord nerd and low-end afficionado, Rob, is Mr Zenn's bass guitarist. With an unhealthy obsession with classic soul music's bass guitar pioneers, he gives the Mr Zenn sound a punchy, retro edge that gets even the most resistant rear-end moving.


Spiritual guru, singer and drummer extraordinaire, Chris, is Mr Zenn's very own "Mr Zen".  Drumming since birth, and now frequent lead vocalist to boot, he is the multi-talented lynchpin of the band. Just don't touch his cymbals...he has a black belt in Aikido you know!